Belle Loves Paper
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Belle Loves Paper

I’m Belle, and I love paper. I love its traditional and personal form, its texture and the way it conveys an individual message through design.

Inspiration for my work comes from everywhere – from fashion, from nature, from my imagination and from my clients. With every project I aim to create a fresh and appealing design that reflects a particular personality and occasion. Sometimes clients take me on their life journey, from engagement and wedding through to babies and significant birthdays. Being part of those important milestones is an incredible privilege.

Design has always been my passion. After gaining a Bachelor of Arts in visual communication I worked in one of Australia’s best design studios (Watts Design) to improve my craft. I bring all my enthusiasm, skills and knowledge to my business and to ensuring my clients are happy with the results.

Because different celebrations have different needs, I work with printers, calligraphers, stylists and interior designers to complete the look for any event. I can collaborate with your associates or organise my own team.

While I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, I’ve worked with many interstate and international clients. And I look forward to working with you someday soon.

Belle x